Creativity in the World Of Technology: Does It Exist?

As we all know that Technology has done our world wonders: from advancements in medicine, travel, communication, education and not to mention our own day-to-day lives.

There’s no doubt that it has “transformed human experience” by impacting the way our society functions, as well as how we interact with one another and ourselves. But is this actually a good thing?By completely embracing technology as a part of our everyday lives, are we inadvertently impacting our ability to create and be creativeAre we really in control of technology, or has it taken control of us?Can Creativity And Technology Work Together?The simple answer to this is yes. Creativity and technology do work together and are not mutually exclusive. Instead of suppressing creativity, technology has the ability to enhance specific areas of the creative processThe scary thing is, I don’t think we have truly seen the peak of this dynamic. What happens to creativity when the generation who has been constantly surrounded by devices since the day they were born, grows up?Our children are undoubtedly spending more time on screens, whether they’re at home, at school, or with friends, and with “devices becoming a fabric of their lives,”

they are consequently lessening the opportunities for them to come up with their own creations.We are so willing to give over our power to these devices, that it may come to a point where creativity “may be harder to find in older children and adults because their creative potential has been suppressed by a society that encourages intellectual conformity.”Where Does The Balance Need To Be?

In the long run, where does this leave us? Have the robots already taken over, , or is there a way to find a medium between technology and human creativity?

I think so. While technology is a part of our lives, it is not our life entirely. I think sometimes we forget there is a world beyond our phones, or computers, or the content we see on TV.Finding A World Beyond Technology

We have already proven that humanity and technology can co-exist. Now it is simply a matter of re-adjusting the scales to make sure that creativity is nurtured and not deterred by either humans or technology.

Rather, it is simply influenced. The best way to shift, refocus, and find a balance, is to come back to the physical world — even if for just a moment. At the heart of it, the balance needs to come from within us.

Technology is only going to continue to advance, and we, as a society, must find ways to harness its potential while keeping it from hindering our own.Conclusion
The question is,

how will you do it?
Will you embark on a digital detox and go completely offline?
Will you be conscious of putting your phone away when spending time with friends?
Will you endeavor to find joy and purpose outside of a screen?

The actions you choose to take, no matter their scale, will only help us to come back to a space of equilibrium and balance, changing the relationship between creativity and technology for the better. Because in the end, the key to the survival of our creativity starts with us.

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