GOOGLE CLASSROOM on this platform, in today’s lecture

I have created some infographic with 20 New Ways to Use Google Classroom that goes beyond just the idea of using it for our everyday classrooms.

And before I start if you are not using any LMS in your school, I’m not sure your organization should be called 21st century school.

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A聽learning management聽system is a digital learning environment.

Your school needs it to BLENDED LEARNINGIs cost-effective.
Does not require a student number for each student.
Is scalable to mobile or smartphone platforms.
Facilitates peer discussion.
Supports a journaling feature.
Supports video lectures.
Supports the inclusion of video clips from You-Tube.
Supports student messaging.

The only thing you need to understand is RESOURCES CREATION to manage your classroomNEW Ways to Use Google Classroom

馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徑After School Programs

Students and teachers are involved in many after school programs that could utilize Google Classroom to share resources and improve communication and collaboration.

Think of ways this could be used in your school both in and outside of your own schoolsStudy Groups/ grouping

When it comes time to prepare for Examination, often times students will form study groups across.

Think of how awesome it would be to use Google Classroom to share resources, flashcards, tips, practice tests, and feedback through the Google Classroom platform.

Primary secondary and professional program can embrace This not our WhatsApp alone

We are use to WhatsApp too much 馃槅馃ぃ馃槀馃樄馃槅Clubs and Organizations

We can also use Google Classroom to help connect and share resources within our school clubs and organizations.

Google classroom clubs like Robotics Club, Art club, Made Girls/Boys Scouts, etc. And think about using it for your adult organizations as well like church groups, alumni associations, intramural teams, and philanthropic organizations.Invite Outside Experts into Your Class

Wouldn鈥檛 it be great to give students an authentic audience?

What if you invited an outside expert into your special class project in Google Classroom?

They could give meaningful feedback and connect and share with your students.

And on Google classroom you can use GOOGLE MEET as auttanative to ZOOM.Google Classroom allows you to add up to 20 teachers to one class.

How fun would it be to teach and collaborate with another teacher on another continent?!!! Consider ways you can bring the world to your students by co-teaching with a teacher and group of students in another country.

Yes it’s possible alot of teachers and students all over the world are waiting for you.
They want to learn more about Africa and we also went to their country.


GIVE THEM THIS OPPORTUNITYCreate a Class for Learning Challenges

As challenge-based learning grows in popularity, let鈥檚 think of ways that we can use Google Classroom to allow students and teachers to, 鈥渟ign-up,鈥 for optional challenges by joining a Google Classroom Class designed to detail the challenge, provide resources, beyond classroom activitiesGoogle Drive.

Google drive is now important for every educators and business.

Students benefit from knowing what to expect, and one way to define those expectations it to use assignment models. Assignment models are great for helping students better understand learning objectives and grading criteria.

Use Google Drive to upload examples of assignments, outline what was done well and what was missing, and upload your rubric. This can give students a point of reference when brainstorming project ideas and ways to showcase their own learning.Outside Conferences and Workshops

Each Google Classroom Class allows for up to 1000 students. These means that Google Classroom could be used to provide supplemental information, resources, and follow-up for conference and workshops.

Educators could share notes, links to presentations, and continue to collaborate beyond the conference or workshop.

Maybe our 5th anniversary conference will be on Google classroom and live 馃榾馃槈馃馃槃馃槵馃槄馃榾

Change is important in lifeConclusion

Is Google Apps for Education Free?

There鈥檚 good news for educators concerned about educational technology that doesn鈥檛 fit into their current budget.

Google Apps for Education costs nothing and is tailored specifically for school use.

You鈥檒l get unlimited cloud storage through Google Drive, just like G Suite for Business. There are plenty of free accessibility features built in to help you make learning inclusive.


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