You we all agree with me that the learning environment is more dynamic than ever before, and as a result, today’s learners are very different from those that our educational system was designed for.*Technology can become the ‘wings’ that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before; if we will allow itWith the advancement in technology, classrooms are being remodeled and redefined in a number of ways to fit the evolving needs of modern digital learners.Digitalisation has been a hot topic in many fields for quite some time already. Nowadays there are not many (or any) fields that do not use digital technologies in any way.

Digitalisation and digital technologies have found their way in education and school world as well. New ways to use digital tools in teaching and learning have aroused a lot of discussion around teaching methods utilising digital tools, such as blended learning and flipped classroom.

But how does moving into digital era actually happen?

In today’s class will we be exploring ways to digitize our Schools, institutions or organisations

I’m sure you are ready
And at the end of this class I have some practical videos to help useThis is the phase of radical development where technology is taking over every niche and corner. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are no more unknown words, even to 2 year oldIts was after covid-19 I realised we are running into the 21st century where technology knows no bounds. During this phase the education system is evolving for the sake of betterment, as this generation’s students are not born to be confined by the limits of simple learning; their curiosity is vast and cannot be catered with educational systems that were designed earlierYes! Digitization is the trending term, describing the 21st century in the most precise manner as possible.

We are in the era where unprecedented ideas are unfolding in our education industry and creating the advancement that can’t be matched by lagging behind in terms of technology.If we kept on teaching our children the way we taught them yesterday, we would deprive them of their tomorrow. Our old educational system lacks the capability to stand a chance in the 21st century. So we are compelled to use digitization in our educational systemDigitization Is The Term

“Digitization is the integration of digital technologies into everyday life by the digitization of everything that can be digitized.”What makes a good school website?

💖A unique, accessible design
💓Mobile-first design
💞Fast load times
💔Simple navigation
💞Informative and engaging content
💖It’s optimized for search
💓Safe and secure hosting
💗It’s powered by a great content management system
💓 LMS if necessary

I won’t be able to dive into each because of time

If you need help in creating one I can help outThe new phase of school and learning has begun and involves various advanced techniques like:

👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽Every school need a website

A school might not be a business, but it still has ‘customers’ – the parents and the kids – so it still needs a website.

And more than that, it needs a multi-functional website that can act as an information hub for teachers, parents and pupils, as well as showcasing the school’s facilities to potential attendees and acting as a link between the school and the community at large.

This is the first stap to digitize your schoolevery school need a personal email for each teacher

It’s easy to recognize that great communication is at the heart of any great school.

All the teachers in your school need personal mail


Eben@thebroadoakschool.comEvery school need to understand the concepts of LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM LMSEducational platforms (Learning Management Systems – LMS) are innovative tools which educational centres should not be without today. They help to create, adopt, administer, distribute and manage all of the activities related to e-learning training, or can act as a complement to classroom learning. When applied, this technology makes the classroom experience much more powerful, because 21st century educational methodologies have changed into those which are much simpler, more personalized, interactive and experiential.A Learning Management System (LMS) is a school software application for the development, implementation and delivery of educational courses.Where and how educators and learners use an LMS is becoming more widespread and varied for nursery schools, especially after the pandemic of 2020. Zoom is a virtual classroom

A virtual classroom is, according to Techopedia, “a teaching and learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources.

Google meet
Facebook room
And moreGoing even further, Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) make the management of everything related to learning much more comprehensive, personalized, of a high quality and enhanced through the use of virtual classrooms and multimedia content.

I’m going to be exploring this concept with us coming June 12 ( blended learning for school)Let’s talk about LMS PROVIDER IN NIGERIA AND THE WORLD 🌎

Google Classroom. …
Pearson SuccessNet, SuccessNet Plus, and Online Learning Exchange. …
Haiku Learning. …
Agilix Brainhoney and BUZZ. …
Schoology. …
Blackboard. …
Desire2Learn. …


An LMS organizes content in one place for easy access and foolproof storage, among other benefits. Learners can typically access it on desktops or their phones and tablets, and they can make progress individually, at their own speed.

Not like zoom that all children need to work on the same level of speedLastly

Every school now need a projector

Pls try to get one in your school or in a class

Very important nowWalking hand in hand both act as a support system to each other, which gives a stronghold to our modern students.

Digitization in education has also proved to be the right method for saving resources. Online examination platforms have restricted the frivolous usage of paper, directly confining the cutting down of trees.Teach with a range of mediums
Make better use of time in the classroom

Projectors enable teachers to create bulleted PowerPoint presentations or other highly organized notes for the class. With the use of projectors in the classroom, students can take better notes with the ability to discern what information the teacher displays is most useful to them. Additionally, students can ask the teacher to repeat a slide if they missed information, or even ask that the teacher to email the presentation for further review.Conclusion

Digitization has no doubt changed our education system, but we cannot say that it has diminished the value of our old time classroom learning.

Neither do we want something so priceless to turn into dust. The best part about the digitization of education in the 21st century is that it is combined with the aspects of both; classroom learning and online learning methods.This way the digitization of education industry in the 21st century proves to be a boon to our society.

Thank you for your time ⏲️🙏☺😊❤🙂

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