Pre Resumption lecture for Teachers

Pre Resumption The end of summer vacation is over

I’m sure you are preparing your lesson like I’m about to right now?

On one hand, the resumption of school can be an intimidating thought after a three-month brain break. On the other hand, students are eager to see their friends and teachers, and start showing you how smart, creative, and independent they can beTeacher how ready is your classroom?Hope you have set up to your reception for first impression.Let’s Set talk about the Classroom Environment

The key to any successful classroom is building a positive learning environment where all students thrive. To set yourself up for success, set up your classroom in a way that’s neat and filled with all the items you and your students need on a daily basis.What to consider before today if your school is resuming like lagos Schools

Determine what type of decoration works
Determine your desk and seating arrangement.
Arrange the classroom furniture.
Strategically place your desk so you can see everything.
Organize the classroom library and seating area.
Create interactive bulletin boards and working wall
Prominently display the emergency evacuation procedure.
Check classroom technology and other equipment if you have
hang classroom posters and Banners and displays.
Decorate your front door entrance.
Post student schedule, calendar, lunch menu, and announcements.Prepare Your Classroom Rules and Routines

I use the cycle part as my own classroom rules display

What about you?What do you say to a proprietor that will not provide materials for classroom decorations. Even after you talk to her. What do you advise?

Someone just ask me about
Can we advise

We have 10 minutesWhen your classroom is efficient and organized, it will run more smoothly. Both you and your students should have easy access to teaching and learning materials, without having to sift through messy areas and disorganized shelves.An essential component of your classroom management plan is to have a clear set of rules and routines for students to follow daily. Rules set the stage for expectations related to behavior and performance, and routines help everyone stay on track.

Create a list of rules and consequences, and post them.
Determine a few signals to capture students’ attention.
Create a morning routine (morning meeting, seat work, etc.).
Create a dismissal routine (cleaning up, putting away supplies, etc.).
Create a routine for attendance, lunch, restroom breaks, walking in the hallway, etc.
Create a homework policy and post it.
Create a system for students to follow to hand in homework, classwork, etc.
Determine a routine for when students are absent from class.
Determine student responsibilities and duties (classroom jobs, etc.).
Determine how you’ll transition students and what they’ll do when their work is completed.Let’s me ask
Have you create your school student/parent welcome letter to send home.

If no

HmmmmmmmmmmmmmFrom different CME GROUPS

Try to get some yourself and design your class to your taste

If I have the money,I will get for the sake of effective teaching and impact
In my own, i improvise or get the materials myself it wont take anything away from me.

I think you should make do with what you have and can ,we have some DIY’s classroom decoration materials that can be usedFirst Week of resumption

Decide how to welcome students and introduce them to the classroom.

Choose icebreaker activities for the first few days.

Plan other activities and lessons for the first week of school, some academic and some just to build your classroom culture.

If you choose to take pictures of students, prepare a camera for doing this.

Make copies of all curriculum materials and handouts as far in advance as possible.Decoration

Decorate bulletin boards and hang useful anchor charts and posters.

Decorate outside of your classroom (front door, hallway, etc.).

Set up a classroom calendar.

Create a birthday chart.

Ebencuts.com can help outThe school newsletter is an email marketing tool which is a part of the student management software. Newsletters inform parents about anything and everything school related: school activities, policies, news, schedule changes, updates, events, performances, student awards, and community happenings. Sent out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on an as-needed basis, these school newsletters help parents stay on top of school news. They help parents plan their lives so they are available to attend upcoming school events or engage in school activities with their child. Newsletters inform parents about anything and everything school related: school activities, policies, news, schedule changes, updates, events, performances, student awards, and community happenings.Think about ways to boost study skills throughout the year.Slides presentation has changed from PowerPoint to ANIMATION

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Probably not … but here’s the deal:

Canva is the koko

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Take a deep breath!

The school year is coming, and you’ve created a beautiful, functional, and safe environment for your students. Remember to be flexible — nothing is ever perfect. Real teaching isn’t like a pristine Pinterest board. If something doesn’t work as you envisioned, don’t hesitate to find new, creative ways to rework the space.

For now, take a deep breath and look around your room. Imagine your students in it — learning, laughing, and feeling loved. After all, that’s what it’s all about. Here’s to a great year!


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