“Early Inspiration: A Journey Begins”


Ignite a world of potential with this vibrant A3 poster. Perfect for classroom walls or corridors, it’s designed to motivate and remind students that every big dream starts with a small step.


This laminated A3 poster, “Early Inspiration: A Journey Begins,” features a heartwarming image of young learners delving into the wonders of education, symbolizing the beginning of their journey in life and learning. Its durable three-layer lamination ensures it stands the test of time in busy school environments such as classrooms, walkways, and reception areas. Priced at just 1000 Naira, with a special introductory offer of 850 Naira valid until Saturday evening, this poster is an affordable addition to create an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere. To order, contact us at 08134096110 and let’s bring the spirit of discovery to every corner of your educational space.


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