Temperaments, Playing to your strengths

Good nature is worth more than knowledge, more than money, more than honor, to the persons who possess it.

In today’s class We are going to be about temperamentsOne study indicated that temperament is determined by brain-stem processes. Each person has a unique brain stem that cannot change over the course of their life. More information will be provided about this as we look into the various temperaments you may hold.What Is a Temperament?

A person’s temperament is formed as an infant and never changes. It simply develops over time. Studies have shown that temperament remains constant and serves as a means to help you determine how you will react to situations. It’s a way to recognize consistent personality traits.It is temperament that makes some people art and music enthusiasts while others are sports or industry minded. Temperament sets broad guidelines on everyone’s behavior, patterns which will influence a person as long as he lives. Each temperament has its own unique qualities and shortcomings, strengths and challenges. What accounts for these differences?The Four Types of Temperament

Psychologists recognize four primary temperament types. The names of the types were originally names of humor in more distant times. It was believed that humor caused people to behave in certain ways. Although science has refuted the existence of humor in that fashion, the names of the four temperament types stuck.

It is possible, in fact likely, that someone will have both primary and secondary temperament types. A person can have any combination of the temperament types to make up their overall personality. The four primary temperament types are explored below.To use the idea of temperament most effectively, it is important to understand that the four temperaments are not simply arbitrary collections of characteristics, but spring from an interaction of the two basic dimensions of human behavior: our communication and our action, our words and our deeds, or, simply, These include the following:


1. Sanguine 

Sanguine is the most common temperament type. It is typically either a primary type or a secondary type, although, of course, not everyone is sanguine. This temperament type is just as likely to be found in men as it is in women. Some people are considered “super sanguine” in that they are so overly talkative and active that it can be overwhelming to be around them.
Sanguine OrientationThose with the sanguine temperament type are extremely people oriented. They are outgoing and extroverted, and extremely talkative and social. They encourage people to work together and do good things for one another.
Sanguine CharacteristicsPeople with the sanguine temperament type have a wide range of emotions, and also a wide range of behavior. They are the most versatile of all the temperaments. Depending on their secondary temperament, they might be involved in nearly any human activity. However, they enjoy occasions when they can interact with or change their environment.Strengths of a Sanguine              

  Weaknesses of a Sanguine
Appealing personality                                                                    Compulsive talker
Life of the party                                                                             Has loud voice and laugh
Talkative, storyteller                                                                       Too happy for some
Good sense of humor                                                                     Exaggerates, elaborates
Holds on to listeners                                                                      Dwells on trivia
Emotional and demonstrative                                                          Can’t remember names
Enthusiastic and expressive                                                            Egotistical
Cheerful and bubbling over                                                               Has restless energy
Loves people                                                                                  Naïve, gets taken in
Good on stage                                                                                Gets angry easily
Sincere heart, wants to give                                                             Controlled by circumstances
Lives in the present                                                                         Seems phony to some
Motivates others                                                                              Very loud, boisterous
Makes friends easily                                                                        Disorganized
Realist                                                                                            Sloppy housekeepers
Great salespeople                                                                           Has trouble listening
Entertaining                                                                                    Can’t relax, always on go
Optimistic                                                                                       Doesn’t follow through
Tender and compassionate                                                               Impulsive
Energetic                                                                                        Must be with people
Likes spontaneous activities                                                             Hates to be alone
Envied by others                                                                              Needs to be center stage
Apologizes quickly                                                                          Gets angry easily
Doesn’t hold grudges                                                                       Makes excuses
Creative and colorful                                                                         Fickle and forgetful
Makes home fun                                                                              Undisciplined
Trusting                                                                                           Cannot say no
Likes to play                                                                                    Weak willed
Charms others to work                                                                     Very insecure – lack of self-esteem
Thrives on compliments                                                                    Interrupts and doesn’t listen
Inspires others to join                                                                       Wants to be popular
Changeable disposition                                                                     Dominates conversations
Turns disaster into humor                                                                  Repeats stories
Volunteers for jobs                                                                            Forgets obligations
Looks great on the surface                                                                 Answers for othersCholeric

The choleric temperament is the rarest of the four primary types. In particular, females with the choleric type as their primary temperament are extremely rare. It is more common for choleric to be a secondary temperament, although even this is not as common as other combinations.Choleric Orientation
People with a choleric temperament are results oriented. They make goals and stick to them. They are driven to succeed and tend to stay positive with constant forward movement. They face opposition head-on with the mindset of getting results.

Choleric Characteristics
Choleric temperament people are extroverted and exude self-confidence. They are independent and strong willed. They have quick minds and are generally active and practical in their activities. Their communication style is assertive and direct, often brief almost to the point of rudeness.Choleric Traits
People with the choleric temperament are creative. They never seem to run out of ideas or plans, all of which tend to be practical. They are steadfast in their ideas, however, and will not give in to peer pressure.

While they can be compassionate and rally for social causes, in their personal life, they are slow to build relationships. They likely only have a few close friends, even though they are not afraid to meet and talk to new people. They don’t tend to empathize with others. However, they are also very slow to anger, though their domineering personality and direct manner of speaking can be misconstrued as anger.

Strengths of a Choleric                   Weaknesses of a Choleric
Practical                                                                                        Demanding           
Quick thinker                                                                                  Domineering
Good trouble shooters                                                                     Easily bored
Enthusiastic                                                                                   Easily annoyed
Will not give up                                                                               Impatient
Great ambition                                                                                Bossy and arrogant
Fearless and courageous                                                                Quick tempered
Passion to win                                                                               Can’t relax
Thrilled with opposition                                                                    Too impetuous
Yearns for great things                                                                    Inflexible
Intelligent                                                                                       Is not complimentary
Does not complain                                                                          Unsympathetic
Born leader                                                                                     Dislikes emotions
Strong willed                                                                                  Little tolerance for mistakes
Not easily discouraged                                                                   Can be rude or tactless
Independent                                                                                   Sarcastic
Exudes confidence                                                                         Critical
Delegates work well                                                                        Must be in control
Makes the goal                                                                              Pride, has inflated ego
Stimulates others                                                                           Holds a grudge
Excels in emergencies                                                                    Revengeful
Visionary                                                                                       His plan is always the best
Likes pressure                                                                               Tends to use people
Self-reliant                                                                                     Decides for others
Energetic                                                                                       Can do everything better
Daring, risk taker                                                                            Can’t say “I’m sorry”
Decisive                                                                                         Too independent
Determined                                                                                     Too busy for family
Doer                                                                                               May make rash decisions
Direct                                                                                             Tends to over dominate
Wants results                                                                                  Enjoys controversy, arguments
Likes to achieve                                                                               “Knows everything”

 This temperament type enjoys taking risks and gets bored easily. They can be domineering and opinionated. They find it easy to make decisions, not only for themselves but for others as well. They can be somewhat controlling in relationships. Choleric types also tend to require less sleep than other temperament types.People with the melancholy temperament type are detail and quality oriented. They are obsessed with finding what is right rather than being right all the time. They are also conscientious and work to make sure all details are as perfect as possible. They can be perfectionists in general.

Melancholy Characteristics

The melancholy temperament is a rule follower. They can be cautious and tentative in unfamiliar environments, but they can also become aggressive when faced with an unfavorable situation. They are private and introverted.
This temperament is factual, logical, and analytical. To function without anxiety, these people need to have a solid plan for action and follow it to the letter.Melancholy

When most people hear the word melancholy, they think of depression. However, the melancholy temperament type is not necessarily depressed so much as they are cautious. This is another common temperament type.
Melancholy OrientationPeople of the melancholy temperament are also suspicious and conscientious. They are slow to trust others until they are sure of their intentions. It is difficult for them to form relationships, and they have high standards for the relationships they do form.

Strengths of a Melancholy                 Weaknesses of a Melancholy
Deep and thoughtful                                                                           Moody and depressed
Reserved                                                                                           Candidate for manic depression
Analytical                                                                                           Does not forgive easily
Talented, creative                                                                                Enjoys being hurt
Artistic, musical                                                                                  Low self-image
Communes easily with God                                                                  Has a false humility
Prayer warriors                                                                                    Off in another world
Perfectionist                                                                                        Critical of self and others
Faithful, devoted friend                                                                         Self-centered, self examining
Appreciates beauty                                                                              Very suspicious
Sensitive                                                                                             Demands privacy
Self-sacrificing                                                                                     Too introspective
Conscientious                                                                                      Feelings of persecution
Idealist                                                                                                 Hypochondriac
Logical                                                                                                 Lingers on past hurts, seems to enjoy it
Peaceful                                                                                               Broods over things
Agreeable                                                                                             Absorbed by his thoughts
Good problem solver                                                                              Hard to get along with, turns people off
Organized                                                                                        Pessimistic, always remembers negative   
Neat, tidy                                                                                              Very proud
Great teacher                                                                                        Can be impractical
Encourages others                                                                                 Slow to make a decision
Controlled self-discipline                                                                          Does not live in the present
Empathetic to others                                                                               Selective hearing
Good listeners and counselors                                                                  Resentful when not appreciated
Inventive                                                                                                  Too meticulous for children
Have discernment of Spirit                                                                        Loses confidence in others
Happy to be in the backround                                                                   Exasperated by disorder
Fruit of longsuffering                                                                                 Dwells on guilt
Does not get upset easily                                                                         Deep need for approval
Avoids conflicts                                                                                       Sets very high, hard standards
Makes lifelong friends                                                                              Hard to please
Open to receiving wisdom                                                                        Hard to meet up to his standards
Believes in “letter of the law”
Has controlled self-discipline Melancholy Traits
The melancholy temperament is usually anxious. They worry about the future and what others think. They also tend to be high-guilt individuals, worrying about how things might have been done differently in the past. They rarely live in the present.

This temperament is generally well organized, even if they become cluttered. They are usually on time for appointments and expect others to be as well. Before making decisions, they will gather as much information as they can and ask specific questions to make sure they are making the right decision.Phlegmatic

Phlegmatic temperaments are also common, but they can be seen as almost the opposite of sanguine temperaments. However, it is possible to have a primary type of sanguine and a secondary type of phlegmatic, or vice versa.
Phlegmatic OrientationPhlegmatic temperament people are slow to warm up to others but will make friends fairly easily. They are one of the easiest temperament types to get along with because they are so agreeable and patient. However, they stick closely to their routines and resist change.People with the phlegmatic temperament type are service oriented. They are introverted, but will frequently work together with others to achieve a common goal. They are passive, which leads to a lack of ambition or sense of urgency, even when working with others.
Phlegmatic Characteristics
The passiveness of the phlegmatic temperament type leads to a distinct set of characteristics. They are easy going, calm, and unemotional. They can be indecisive and agreeable, and are usually happy to allow others to make decisions for them.Phlegmatic Traits
People with a phlegmatic temperament tend to live quiet lives centered around home and family. They don’t get involved in the world around them or with other people. However, they are fiercely loyal to their friends and will stick by a relationship regardless of what the other person does or says. However, once a relationship does break, they are not likely to return to it.This temperament type is content to let things happen. They are not quick to make decisions, and they are not ambitious. However, they resist change. They may need quite a bit of time and patience to adapt to change, especially if it is sudden.Strengths of a Phlegmatic            

    Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic

Steady, not moved easily                                                                    Introvert
Patient                                                                                              Watcher, not doer
Free from stress, tend not to worry                                                      Meets requirements, then stops
Lives balanced life                                                                               Must be re-started after project 
Meek, most gentle people on planet                                                     Unenthusiastic
In control of themselves                                                                       Can be very stubborn
In control of their environment                                                               Not team players
Comfortable with themselves                                                                Lazy, gets tired easily
Stays focused on project, gets it done                                                  Struggles with motivating themselves
Dry sense of humor                                                                             Tormented by fear
Very witty                                                                                           Indecisive about the next step
Dependable                                                                                        Avoids responsibilities, extra burdens
Practical and efficient, conserves energy                                              Hides real feelings, emotions
Calm, cool, collected                                                                         Can be selfish, want their way
Brings peace to the workplace                                                            Can be too compromising
Makes a very good parent                                                                   Self-righteous, everyone else is wrong
Takes quality time with their children                                                   May think they don’t need God
Family comes first                                                                            Not tidy in their home
Strong spiritual leaders                                                                       Do not discipline well
Peaceful and agreeable                                                                       Not goal oriented
Good administrative skills                                                                   Discourages others
Good leaders                                                                                     Stay un-involved
Good mediators                                                                                Must be nudged to participate
Tough projects do not worry him                                                         Last one to get involved
Very good under pressure                                                                   Hard to get excited
Self-sufficient                                                                                     Tendency to judge others
Has gift of temperance                                                                        Teases extroverts – they annoy him
Gets involved when he feels needed                                                     Resists change
Has gift of longsuffering                                                                      Can be sarcastic
Easy to get along with                                                                        Procrastinates
Do not offend others                                                                           Critical of people who expend energy
Walks away from arguments                                                              Holds grudges
Good listeners                                                                                   Complacent
Predictable                                                                                        PossessiveManaging Different Temperaments

The different temperament types don’t always mesh well. It is possible that two people of very different temperaments may have difficulties in relationships. While temperament cannot be changed, you can learn to understand each other and learn ways to cope with each other’s needs. Here are a few tips to get you started.Understand How Your Temperament Affects Your Life

The way you perceive the world around you has a direct impact on how you interact with it. Armed with more knowledge about your temperament, you can cultivate more awareness around this personality and what it means for you in your daily life. Awareness is always the first step in cultivating change.Develop a More Positive Outlook on Life

If you have a temperament that tends to lean more towards the negative or prevents you from taking chances, you might want to develop a more positive outlook on life. Being more positive will give you the ability to thrive without fear holding you back from fully experiencing or enjoying the world. Just make sure you are always realistic in your positivity, or you run the risk of disappointing yourself and hindering your progress.

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