Are you an educator or an entrepreneur interested in incorporating the latest technological advances into your teaching or business strategies? Look no further than AI-powered tools for education. With the ability to provide personalized learning experiences, real-time feedback, and targeted instruction, these tools are revolutionizing the way we teach and learn.

At our training sessions, you will learn how to effectively integrate AI-powered tools into your teaching, how to implement them for maximum impact, and how to provide the necessary support to ensure a successful rollout. We will also provide you with the resources and guidance needed to navigate any challenges that may arise.

Whether you are a teacher looking to enhance your classroom experience, or an entrepreneur looking to improve the educational offerings of your business, our training sessions are designed to meet your needs.

we will explore the various ways AI-powered tools can enhance student learning and engagement in the classroom.

But that's not all! We are also offering an additional 3 days of continuous learning on WhatsApp, where you can collaborate with other educators and receive ongoing support to further enhance your skills.

Our first session will focus on understanding AI-powered tools for education and the benefits of incorporating them into the curriculum. We will then dive into best practices for implementing AI in the classroom, including strategies for providing ongoing support to educators and students as they use these tools.

In our second session, we will focus on incorporating AI-powered tools into your curriculum, exploring different types of tools and their applications in various subjects. We will also discuss best practices for implementing AI in the classroom and providing support for students as they use these tools.

Our third session will focus on collaborating with other educators to share ideas and resources, including how to use AI to create enterprises for teachers. We will also discuss the ethical considerations of using AI-powered tools in the classroom and how to ensure their use is equitable and inclusive.

In addition to our three-day workshop, we are offering a bonus of an additional three days of follow-up classes to support learners in implementing what they have learned in their classrooms.

Whether you are an educator or an entrepreneur, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively integrate, implement, and support AI-powered tools in your classroom. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your teaching with AI!

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    you can attend in-person at The Federal College of Edu (Tech) Akoka or join us online via Google Meet. Early bird registration is only 5,000 Naira, and on-site registration is 15,000 Naira.

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